Lobbying is at the heart of Checkmate Strategies. The art of lobbying entails representing the legislative needs of our clients before the legislative branch of state government. Lobbying is a highly specialized activity that requires someone who communicates well, is honest and credible, and can provide lawmakers with reliable information to help educate themselves on issues that they need to understand.

There are 105 State Representatives and 39 State Senators. This is a lot of ground to cover. However, as your lobbying team, we, Checkmate Strategies, have the experience and the diligence necessary to win the victories that you seek. In addition to the relationships we maintain with legislators, Checkmate Strategies will help establish and maintain a network of organization members who consistently and effectively address and inform their respective legislators about issues that impact your organization.

These are strategies that many use, but few master. With Checkmate Strategies, not only will you receive the benefit of our knowledge, you will grow and improve your organization to become an effective “player” in the legislature arena.